Emancipation of the Soul

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White Empath Firehealer
2 June 1980
You say you're waiting on fate, but I think fate is now, waiting on us

fate is waiting on us

fire goddess

We are of the earth, made of the same stuff; there is no other, no division between us and "higher" or "lower" forms of being.
-- Estella Lauder

They must find it difficult...
Those who have taken authority as the truth,
Rather than truth as the authority -- G. Massey

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Zeitgeist Movement

GreyIceWater About the Song of the Moment feature...

If you want to know what song I'm humming, thinking about, inspired by at the moment...you can check out my Song of the Moment feature, which I have sticky-posted permanently to the top of my journal.

Obligatory disclaimer about it being a little Modest Mouse-heavy, but no one can blaim me for being head-over-heels, just like every other MM fan out there. Promise to throw in a healthy spattering of other stuff too. Commenting has been disabled, as it is constantly changing, and the point is simply to SHARE...I hope you will be inspired as I have been. Happy listening.